Le village des antiquaires  




A village at the heart of tendencies



The Village des Antiquaires de la Gare was established in the 70’s at the heart of l’Isle sur la Sorgue, and slowly but surely this small spinners’ town, built on the banks of the Sorgue, became the third largest European platform for antiques and flea‐markets.


In this old textile mill, converted into an antique and flea‐market; ideas abound, trends are created, and talents are discovered: cane furniture, painted furniture, shops and industrial furniture, cabinets of curiosities…. Not one trend in the last three decades was not initiated, accompanied and enriched in the heart of this regional Venice.


A place of find for all


The interior designers and decorators come here to draw their inspiration; the antique
collectors find the exceptional item they were looking for, the traders dig out the piece of
furniture for that outstanding order.


Each of the 110 traders brought together in this Village of 8000 m2, has a space dedicated,
consecrated to a style or period


You will find them on this site, with all their specialities.




The love of a heritage


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The Village des Antiquaires de la Gare has been involved in the preservation of a local and international furniture heritage for three decades.
In this exceptional location, the objects regain life, magnificence and brilliance. Here the riches of the Provencal heritage as well as the treasures of the Great Antiquity are rebirthed under the hands of experts and passion‐filled craftsmen.

Even though a love for beautiful objects guide their everyday gestures, their approach is founded in a larger eco‐responsible policy: the reuse, the revival and sometimes the diversion of industrial products, like the aeronautic industry, constitutes the most important activity, of protecting the environment, which appeared before the current debates.



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